Union City, GA Pest Control Services

antsPest control can be a serious issue here in Union City. Because of our climate here in Georgia, pests of all kinds can be quite common in both homes and commercial properties. Fighting these pests on your own can be futile, even with the various sprays and traps that are available on the market. A better choice is to trust Ever-Redi with all of your pest control needs.

Residential Pest Control Services

Pests that reside in and around your home can cause serious property damage, can spread diseases and can make your home a rather uncomfortable place to live. Luckily, Ever-Redi can help determine the cause and extent of your pest control problem and can work to get rid of household pests and prevent them from coming back.

Ever-Redi specializes in getting rid of these pests and many more:

Ants - Because of their small size, ants can easily infiltrate your home. They are often found in the kitchen due to their search for food, and they commonly build large ant colonies outdoors.

Termites - Termites are small insects, but they can cause a lot of damage. They can be found in mulch, in compost piles and around dead trees and dead tree stumps. The worst part is that they can be found feasting on the wooden building materials that make up your home, which can result in serious damage.

Bed Bugs - Bed bugs are tiny brown insects with flat bodies. They live off of human blood and can generally be found on mattresses and other furniture. Buying used furniture, sharing apartment walls with someone who has a bed bug infestation and traveling can all put you at risk.

Cockroaches - You probably already know what cockroaches look like, but you might not know what motivates them to infest your home. Cockroaches love moisture, such as the water that comes from leaky pipes. They are also always on the hunt for crumbs of food and other food sources, and they can get into your home by crawling through tiny spaces.

Rodents - Mice and rats can be found in many Georgia homes. They nest in walls, attics and anywhere else where they can hide. They can cause fires by chewing up your home's electrical wires, can leave their droppings all throughout your home and can chew up your belongings. They can also get into your pantry and chew open packages while searching for food.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Along with seeking pest control services for your home, it might be time to hire a professional to provide services at your place of business. Having pests can cause your reputation to suffer greatly and can result in a lot of expensive problems. Plus, it's important to be careful about how you tackle pest control; for example, your pest control professional will be careful to use the right methods if you run a restaurant or other business that stores and sells food.

Neither your home nor your business should be infested with pests. There is no reason to battle your pest control problem on your own, however, when you can hire Ever-Redi to help. In fact, you can give us a call today to get a free quote over the phone. This is an important first step to getting your pest control problem under control.

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