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Termite Control

Often called silent destroyers, termites have earned their nickname by voraciously chewing through timber and wooden structures. The damage they cause is often concealed and can go unnoticed for years. In high activity areas like Georgia, it's estimated that one in every five homes has or will have termite damage. This is partly because at least three kinds of termites that require termite control are very active in the Atlanta Metro area, including Decatur, Fairburn, and College Park.

Atlanta Termite Control

The eastern subterranean termite is extremely common and enters buildings from the ground without proper termite control. These termites measure about three-eighths of an inch long, including the wings. However, they can squeeze through expansion joints and cracks that are a fraction of their size. Another worrisome invader is the non-native Formosan termite that devours living trees and all types of wood and lumber. Termites are known for feeding on damp, moist wood and for building subterranean colonies, but other types have different dietary preferences and habits. The powderpost termite, for example, prefers dry wood and will even consume furniture. These pests are more likely to be found in attics and sheltered indoor spaces.

Although termites are active in Atlanta throughout the year, they are usually only observed in the spring when members of the colony swarm. These breeding termites, which resemble flying ants, emerge from the ground and infected wood when temperatures rise. After their wings drop, they will reproduce and establish a new colony. In addition to invading homes from the ground, termites can enter buildings through uncovered vents and gaps in the siding. Once inside, they lay eggs and expand their colony. One queen may lay as many as 10,000 eggs each year. An established colony will bore through any type of wood. When the food is exhausted, they will move to another area, and the colony will establish various offshoots. Because termites can do such much damage in a short amount of time, it's important to have regular termite inspections. An annual termite control check can prevent costly repairs and identify potential colony sites, including wood piles, damaged trees and vulnerable structures.

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