Rodent Control in Atlanta & College Park

Rodent Control

Rodents enjoy the luxury of living indoors just as much as you do, but sharing your home with them poses a threat to your family. While rodents chew holes through walls, wiring and boxed goods, they also carry threatening diseases and spread them easily through saliva, feces and dander. Ever-Redi Exterminating offers rodent control services to homes and commercial locations in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas in the Atlanta Metro including College Park, Decatur, and East Point. 

What are rodents?

Rodents belong to a group of mammals and are known for having single incisors on their upper and lower jaws. You already know some popular rodents, such as rats and mice, but other common rodents include squirrels, gophers, woodchucks and porcupines. Some rodents actually make good pets, such as hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs. However, the rodents commonly found in home infestations can be dangerous and even lead to sickness. Rodent control measures should be taken quickly after recognizing a rodent problem in your home or business. 

How do rodents get indoors?

Some rodents, such as gophers and porcupines, prefer living outdoors and never attempt to invade your home without proper control. However, mice and rats sneak into your home any way possible, such as burrowing through cracks in the walls and sneaking through dryer vents. Squirrels and woodchucks can get into attics through attic vents and squeeze through cracks in the interior. 

What damage can rodents cause?

From electrical wiring and cereal boxes to bedding and clothing, rodents chew through anything and everything. Both mice and squirrels build nests in attics and behind walls, and they chew through plaster and create passageways to the outdoors. Rodent-created holes on the roof can lead to water damage, and chewed wiring can cause electrical shortages and fires.

What diseases do rodents carry?

From the Black Plague to typhus, rodents have carried and spread diseases for centuries. Even a single rat bite or a scratch can cause rate-bite fever, which results in chills, swelling, rashes and a fever. Other rodent-borne diseases include lymphocytic choriomeningitis and hantavirus. Rodents infect humans in a variety of ways, from contacting urine to inhaling airborne particles from feces and carcasses. Symptoms of hantavirus are similar to the flu and can result in death if it goes untreated.

Ever-Redi Rodent Control in Atlanta

When rodents threaten your household, contact the professionals at Ever-Redi Exterminating. We specialize in integrated pest management in Georgia and can identify pests in your home, create an effective action plan and prevent rodents & pests from coming back. Call us today for a free rodent control quote!

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