Roach Control in Union City, GA

Roach Control

Cockroaches are older than dinosaurs, and their presence in your home is proof of their ability to survive for long periods of time. With a preference for warmth, water and food, the roach invades your home and usually stays out of sight during the day. A little more or less than two inches long, it is easy to recognize by the yellow band on its back that contrasts with its reddish brown color.

Finding Access to Your Home

Without proper roach control in GA, roaches can enter your house multiple ways. Cracks in walls allow the common cockroach to enter your home, and vents that open to the outside provide access points. Drains that lead to sewer systems give it a way to bring harmful materials into your home. You can even provide transportation with your grocery bags. Mass migrations from nearby dumps and landfills during warm weather can increase the likelihood of an infestation. The male roach lives an average of 200 days, about half as long as the female that reproduces frequently. Warm and humid conditions in the south are ideal living conditions for the American cockroach, aided by its inability to tolerate extremely cold weather.

Preventing Health Hazards

Contacting contaminated material and then walking on the food that you eat enables the cockroach to transmit bacterial diseases, creating a significant health concern for your family. Eating food, paper, wool, leather, cellulose, and almost anything that it can find in your home, the cockroach is extremely difficult to eradicate. Emitting allergens that can produce sensitivity and negative reactions, the cockroach makes breathing difficult for friends and family members who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems.

Chamblee Roach Control

Finding a cockroach in your home is an unfortunate situation that you can avoid by relying on our professional extermination services. You may kill the roach that you see, but the hundreds and maybe thousands that live between the walls are ready to take its place. The dread that you experience creates anxiety that causes stress, but you have an excellent alternative with Ever-Redi Exterminating. We can rid your home of cockroaches and make sure that it remains free of the dreaded pest with a regular treatment program. Call us today for a free quote on roach control in Union City, Chamblee, & the Atlanta metro area.

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