IPM - Integrated Pest Management from Ever-Redi Exterminating

Pest infestations not only can cause untold damage to homes and other structures and interfere with desirable plants in the landscape, they also can cause damage to your health and the health of your pets. Common nuisances include weeds, termites, rodents, roaches, beetles, ticks, ants, bacteria and fungus. Whether you have a rodent problem or just want to guard against unwanted pests, the integrated pest management (IPM) approach we take offers safe and effective pest control for residential and business environments.

Traditional pest control methods rely on treatment after an infestation is identified and often call for repeated applications at increasingly powerful levels. Unlike traditional pest control methods, IPM initiates long-term pest control through management of the environment.

IPM focuses on prevention as the first line of pest defense and takes into account the life cycle, habits and preferred environment of pests. Eliminating food, water and other conditions that attract pests significantly reduce the chance of an infestation. Prevention also includes moisture and fungus control, conditions that make an attractive habitat for some pests.

IPM uses the least-toxic solution first, such as trapping and weeding or pheromones to interrupt the mating cycle of the undesirable pest. If pesticides are needed, they are applied according to established guidelines in targeted areas or bait stations rather than widespread spraying; the goal is to remove the target pest while protecting the health of you and your family, the environment and beneficial organisms.

IPM offers home and business owners several benefits. It reduces the need for pesticide use, protects the environment from needless pesticide treatment, prevents long-term damage to your home or commercial structure, avoids pest reinfestation and reduces the cost of pest control. Our IPM process includes essential steps that ensure your environment remains free of unwanted invaders:

  • Assess your home and property for environmental conditions conducive to attracting pests
  • Identify type and number of pests present
  • Analyze damage
  • Control infestation using environmentally sound practices
  • Implement a long-term prevention program to stop infestation
  • Monitor effectiveness through periodic inspections

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For effective, long-term pest management that is environmentally friendly, call Ever-Redi Exterminating. We have the resources you need to keep your home, family or business pest-free.