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Bed bug with riceBugs have no preferences when it comes to selecting a home to invade. They seek out the first house in their path and go on an instinctive hunt for food, water and shelter. You may think that your clean home could never see an infestation, but think again: Bugs can find their way in through any crack and set up residence in your kitchen, bathroom or within every wall.

Professional Pest Control

Ever-Redi Exterminating has seen its share of infestations in homes and businesses for years and knows what it takes to eliminate pest threats. Whether it's a termite or a cockroach, our experienced professionals understand each pest's habits and can determine the exact control program to eradicate even the largest infestation. Once you've identified the pest or spotted the signs of an infestation, contacting Ever-Redi is your next line of defense.

Termites: Devastating Insects

Termites cause more damage to homes and businesses than fire and hurricanes combined. These miniature pests cause an average $30 billion in damages to buildings and crops each year in the U.S. alone. Some termite species cause faster damage, such as the Formosan termite, which grows larger than the subterranean or drywood species. These insects look similar to ants, but their damage can go unseen for years. Our pest control professionals can identify termite colonies and cure the infestation while creating a preventative plan of action.

Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are blood-sucking pests that invade your homes without being seen. Since the 90s, these bugs have made a resurgence in the U.S. and have infested everything from residential neighborhoods to schools and government offices. They burrow within furniture cracks and crevices and hide under mattresses, waiting for the nighttime when they are most active and seek a new meal. Because of their resilience and large numbers, bed bugs are difficult to control with conventional, do-it-yourself home remedies.

Control Cockroaches

German and American cockroaches breed out of control and infest homes and businesses across the country. They also transport various microbes and pathogens on their bodies and contaminate living spaces. Invasive pests like the cockroach can transmit E. coli, salmonella and parasitic worms to humans. Roaches are seen in kitchen and bathroom sinks, on countertops and in the cabinets. Although they are mostly active at night, they can also go on the hunt for food and water during the day. Without professional assistance, these insects can spread out of control and take over a building in no time.

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When termites, bed bugs and roaches come in uninvited, contact Ever-Redi Exterminating. We offer free inspections and can help you identify the problem pests. We'll also create a curative program and implement preventative action to stop future infestations. We're proud members of the Georgia Pest Control Association and have earned the 2014 Best of Atlanta Award in the Pest Control and Termite Services category. Don't tackle a pest infestation on your own; let Ever-Redi take over and show those pests the way out.

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