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Termites 8Serious infestations seem to happen overnight. After years of peaceful living, your home might be bombarded by ants, termites, bed bugs and some of the most fearsome insects found in College Park. These common pests can damage your home, cause irritating bites and generally make you miserable. Fortunately, you don't have to deal with these noxious invaders. All you need to do is call us.


Here in Georgia, we are in a high-risk zone for infestations of subterranean termites, but there is also a growing concern about invasive Formosan termites that are even more destructive. To avoid costly problems, it's wise to have regular inspections and familiarize yourself with the signs of a termite infestation. Look out for damaged or hollow wood, piles of dropped wings, earthen tubes that travel across vertical surfaces and termite swarms that emerge in early spring. Because termites have a complex social system, individuals from different castes don't look alike. Above ground, you might see grayish-brown swarmers that are equipped with two pairs of wings. They look like flying ants but are much more dangerous. Under the ground, you might find groups of small cream-colored workers that are about three-eighths of an inch long.

Bed Bugs

Since their recent resurgence, bed bugs have been a major concern for Atlanta residents. Schools and businesses work hard to detect and treat bed bugs as soon as possible. Renters are nagged by a constant fear that their apartments will be invaded by these bloodsucking pests. Over the past few years, Atlanta has been a hot spot for bed bugs. We've been able to manage this problem by treating active infestations and by performing regular inspections. If you have a bed bug problem, you might find small brown bugs that are about the size and shape of a flattened apple seed on your bedding or in nooks and crannies. You may also notice a musty, buggy odor. While red welts are a telltale sign of bed bug bites, many people don't experience this reaction.


Some local homes are plagued by ants year after year. You might find small brown ants roaming around your kitchen, or you might see large carpenter ants crawling around the exterior of your home as they transport food back to the galleries that they have drilled in your walls and beams. Pharaoh, acrobat, pavement, fire and odorous house ants are some of the most common species in Georgia. They range in size from one-sixteenth of an inch for pharaoh ants to one-half inch for carpenter ants. If you've seen ants in your home, you've probably tried to get rid of them. However, they keep coming back. That's because most products that are marketed to consumers only kill a few workers that find the bait. When you call Ever-Redi Exterminating, we'll make environmental changes and apply highly effective indoor or outdoor treatments that are transported back to the colony.

If you're bothered by any of these pests, it's time to invest in your peace of mind. Call us today to learn more about our extermination and pest management services. We'll be happy to perform a comprehensive inspection and provide a personalized quote.

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